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Thursday, February 17, 2011

CyanogenMod Brings Gingerbread to a Phone Near You

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 07:30 AM

"The custom ROM is based on Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread and supports a wide range of phones including the HTC Evo, MyTouch 4G, Aria, G2, and Google Nexus One."

If you're wanting Android 2.3 you may not have to wait any longer. Thanks to the CyanogenMod team you can get a custom ROM with Gingerbread now! They have just made CyanogenMod-7 Release Candidates available for a number of phones. They don't support NFC but anyone with a Nexus S, which is the only current device to supports it, comes with 2.3 anyway. It sounds all good to me! Let us know if you try it out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Schmidt Talks "Desserts" at Windows Mobile Congress

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 11:00 AM

"Eric Schmidt didn't give a ton of details about the future of Android during his MWC 2011 keynote, but he did drop one interesting tidbit: the next version of Android will "start with an I, be named after a dessert" and combine Gingerbread for phones and Honeycomb for tablets into a cohesive whole."

You may have heard rumors floating around about the next version of Android being "Ice Cream" or "Ice Cream Sandwich". So, at Mobile World Congress Eric Schmidt didn't exactly confirm that but he did say it would be a dessert that starts with the letter "I". He also said it will combine elements of the tablet specific version of Android, Honeycomb, with the latest phone specific version of Android, Gingerbread. The only comment he made on timing was that updates have been happening on a six month cycle. So if that's six months from Gingerbread I guess we're looking at May. If it's six months from Honeycomb we'll see when that's actually released. Right now I'm excited about Gingerbread and I like Google's overall plan! Do you like the direction Google is going with their releases of Android?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nexus S to be Available Soon at Subsidized Pricing in the UK

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 08:00 AM

"...Nexus S™ will soon be available in Vodafone stores around the world. The world’s first handset to come powered by the latest version of the Android™ platform known as Gingerbread..."

I love what Google tried to do with the Nexus One in getting a clean Google phone available as an option on all US carriers. It's too bad they were not very successful. I'm glad to see other companies around the world willing to offer the Nexus S at their subsidized pricing! I'm glad there are a ton of unique Android phones to choose from but I still think everyone should be able to get a clean Android phone on the carrier of their choice. I'm excited to see that Vodafone is moving in the right direction. Verizon, can you hear me now?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lucy Might Really Be In The Sky: Google Music Sync Coming to Gingerbread?

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android News" @ 12:00 PM

"Google's been teasing cloud-based music features in Android since its I/O conference last year, and the recent leak of a revamped first-party Music app suggests that the plans haven't evaporated into thin air."

We've known of Google's plans to launch their own music store/service for quite some time now we just didn't know when. Well if the above screen shot is to be taken as truth then it might just be happening in the not to distant future. The shooters of this screen claim that it was taken from a device running Gingerbread, which as we know is already out there. With Google eBookstore out in full force is "gTunes" the next logical step? I for one am excited especially if I can use it to sync the music I already own.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nexus One Getting Gingerbread OTA Update Soon

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 07:30 AM

"Now, I have a pretty good idea that pretty much every Nexus One owner out there is overly eager for the Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) update to be pushed to their handsets. And now, in lieu of an actual date, we have a vague idea of the kind of wait you’re in for. According to Google’s Nexus Twitter account, you Nexus One owners will get the update “in the coming weeks.”"

This is obviously good news if you have a Nexus One. I think it's good news for other Android owners as well since its release on the Nexus One, to me, represents the first step in Gingerbread getting released for all devices. Hopefully this will put the pressure on OEMs to finish earlier updates for those who still do not have Froyo.

Are there any Nexus S users out there who would like to share favorite changes they've noticed with Gingerbread?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Ported To HTC HD2

Posted by Nurhisham Hussein in "HTC Windows Phones" @ 06:00 PM

The HTC HD2 (aka Leo) was perhaps the ultimate Windows Mobile device - the fact that hardware on the market has barely advanced since it was released a year ago shows how advanced it was for the time. That also means the HD2 can handle the current crop of operating systems: case in point, a forum member of XDA Developers has managed to port the latest Android build (specifically 2.3.1) onto an HD2. Some stuff still isn't working (camera and contacts sync for instance), but most of the rest of the hardware is. Fancy a try? Let us know if you do! Just remember to back up your data first.

48 Hours With a Nexus S

Posted by Jon Westfall in "Android Talk" @ 07:00 AM

It got here around 48 hours ago, and I've got some interesting observations on the newest Nexus phone. So how does the gingerbready goodness stack up to the bar set by it's older brother, the Nexus One? Well let's talk about it in my Micro-Review-Quick-Look! Read more...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nexus S Review: The Good, The Bad, And The OMG I Want One!

Posted by Jason Lee in "Samsung Android Phones" @ 09:30 AM

"It can be difficult to review a phone like Google's Nexus S in a world already populated by so many outstanding Android devices. Not only does the manufacturer of this phone make a series of handsets that are all essentially the same (the Galaxy S line), but countless other OEMs are cranking away on hardware for the platform. Of course, the Nexus S is a decidedly different phone altogether. Picking up where the company's Nexus One left off, the S continues Google's legacy of creating standalone, "pure Android" phone experiences, seemingly aimed less at the mainstream and more towards developers."

Here it is, folks. Engadget gave the Nexus S a thorough going over in their review of the device and I have to say, it's pretty swanky. I'm still not sure that I'm ready to ditch my Nexus One for this tasty new treat but it sure is tempting. My decision balances on knowing that there is much better hardware than this right around the corner vs. knowing that this will probably be the only "pure" Google device for quite some time. I do NOT want a carrier branded device with some crazy UI tweaks or bloatware. Plus I just dropped way too much money on desk and car docks for my Nexus One. If an AT&T banded version of this device drops early next year I may have a much lighter wallet... but we shall see. Anyone out there plan on picking up a shiny new Nexus S? If so can I play with it? ;)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Notion Ink To Offer Pre-orders For Their Adam Tablet

Posted by Karey Westfall in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 08:00 AM

"The most awaited day has finally arrived! It took some time, but now when as we look back, it seems more than worth it. This is a rather detailed post and I will try to answer most of your questions. And there is a LOT to share."

Notion Ink is taking pre-orders for their new tablet, the Adam, starting on December 10th with general pre-ordering opening at 6 AM IST. Looks as if prices are starting at $375 and it's operating system is very close to honeycomb. Their specs website says that it is running honeycomb, but it may actually be closer to gingerbread. If anyone finds out, let us know!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gingerbread Launcher Gently Tweaked Onto Your 2.2 Device

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android Software" @ 06:00 AM

"Want some more awesome Gingerbread porting? Of course you do! Last night, we showed you how to install the Gingerbread keyboard on your rooted device, but today, we've got something else."

Can't wait to get a little taste of Gingerbread on your Android 2.2 device? It seems that those crazy MoDaCo guys are hard at work ripping Android 2.3 apart so we can all have a small sample right now. It's available in the market right now if you just gotta check it out. I'll think I'll just wait a "few weeks" myself. Anyone tried this yet? What do you think?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gingerbread and Nexus S Announced

Posted by Jon Westfall in "Android News" @ 12:00 PM

"The very first Android phone hit the market in November 2008. Just over two years later, Android's vision of openness has spurred the development of more than 100 different Android devices. Today, more than 200,000 Android devices are activated daily worldwide. The volume and variety of Android devices continues to surpass our wildest expectations-but we're not slowing down. Today, we're pleased to introduce the latest version of the Android platform, Gingerbread, and unveil the next Android device from the Nexus line of mobile products-Nexus S. And for developers, the Gingerbread SDK/NDK is now available as well."

Well, it's official. We've got a new version that's being released to developers, and even is on a production device, the Nexus S. Not looking too shabby Google, now let's see how long it takes us Nexus One users to get it!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nexus S Shown Off At Web 2.0, Gingerbread "In The Next Few Weeks"

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android News" @ 09:30 AM

"It was rumored that Google CEO Eric Schmidt would bring us some Gingerbread news at his Web 2.0 Summit appearance today. Well, sure enough, Android 2.3 made an appearance."

Google CEO Eric Schmidt made an appearance at the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday wielding none other than the Google Nexus S! Not a whole lot was learned about the device other than it's ability to read NFC chips. This would allow the device to be waved over a sensor at a cash register then choose how you would like to pay. Wouldn't you like to buy your groceries with Google Checkout or PayPal? Regardless of the lack of information this device looks amazing and it is super thin to boot. Here's hoping the rumors are true about the new dual core Samsung CPU. Maybe this is an upgrade from my Nexus One after all....

On top of all of that, Mr. Schmidt just so happened to mention that Gingerbread would be rolling out "In the next few weeks". I'm hoping that it lands before the holiday so that I will have plenty of time to sit and play while my uncle yells at the football game on TV.

Friday, November 12, 2010

This Isn't The Nexus S You're Looking For... Or Is It?

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android News" @ 09:30 AM

Samsung denied it, Google said it ain't so... but here it is. A pile of leaks surrounding this phone that doesn't exist came to light this week to build a rather convincing story. Yes, Virginia, there is a Nexus S. Through several Best Buy leaks, to EXIF photo information, to some hands on picks the Nexus S seems to be a hard device to keep under wraps. I, for one, am VERY excited about this phone. I haven't owned a carrier branded phone in many a year and don't plan to any time soon. Even though this device may not be enough of an upgrade over my Nexus One to justify the purchase (especially if there is no AT&T 3G support) it keeps my hopes alive that there may still be a "pure" Google phone out there when I next choose to upgrade. Anyone else looking to purchase the new and improved Nexus?

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Gingerbread Man Cometh: The Nexus One Is Getting An Update "In The Next Few Days"

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android News" @ 12:00 PM

"Google had originally wanted to launch the Nexus Two device alongside Android 2.3, the next release of their mobile operating system, also known as "Gingerbread". That's not going to happen. The Nexus Two has been delayed. But it appears that Google is full steam ahead on the Gingerbread release."

What wonderful news to wake up to this morning! Will our beloved Nexus One's be getting a taste of Gingerbread this week? I certainly hope so! Far from being official, this news comes from one of the leadership team members of the Open Handset Alliance. So there is a chance that he has some idea of what might be going on. This lines up well with the rumored November 11th release date for the Gingerbread SDK. I'll for sure be keeping my fingers, toes, and antennae crossed. If you get an update in the coming days be sure to let us know.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gingerbread Decoration Put On Lawn To Cool

Posted by Karey Westfall in "Android News" @ 11:30 AM

"Cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo. That's not just a list of Android iterations, it's also an inventory of all the giant decorations..."

A giant gingerbread man has been spotted on the lawn of the Google Headquarters to join his other "sweet treat" friends! Does this mean that gingerbread may soon be out of the oven and ready for our enjoyment? We hope so because gingerbread is always a tasty treat!

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