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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Verizon is Pushing out a Xoom Update to Prepare for the Xoom Flash Update

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 01:00 PM!5780984/

"Verizon Wireless is pushing out a software update for Motorola Xooms today, which will allow users to download Flash Player 10.2 from the Android Market when it becomes available next Friday, the 18th of March."

This is a good thing! While it's a little odd that an update is required just to prepare for another update it does suggest they're pretty serious about Flash coming out in the not too distant future. Did you get the update on your Xoom? If so, have you noticed any changes or fixes that squeezed their way in with it?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Xoom Review at Ars Technica

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 11:00 AM

"Although the Xoom has a lot to offer, the product feels very incomplete. A surprising number of promised hardware and software features are not functional at launch and will have to be enabled in future updates. The Xoom's quality is also diminished by some of the early technical issues and limitations that we encountered in Honeycomb. Google's nascent tablet software has a ton of potential, but it also has some feature gaps and rough edges that reflect its lack of maturity."

This is a very in depth review just as you would expect from Ars. If you're considering buying the Xoom you should definitely check out this review first to get a better idea if it really is the tablet for you. While many great features are pointed out there are also a lot of warning signs brought up.

Good News for Xoom Hackers Who Want LTE

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 07:00 AM

"Happy news for Android tinkerers everywhere -- Motorola has officially confirmed it will attempt to perform its 4G upgrade on all Verizon Wireless-riding Xoom tablets it receives from users, whether they've been rooted, repainted, or accessorized with fluffy dice."

This is some good news! Motorola doesn't exactly have a great reputation for being friendly to modders. Many hold the e-fuse boot loader drm thing against them and even if it's a function of the CPU or chipset from TI, Motorola did still choose to use it. Anyway, in this situation Moto is stating they will upgrade your Xoom to LTE no matter what. The only catch is depending on your mod they may not be able to install the updated software that goes along with the new LTE radio. If you want to be sure you'll get the software upgrade they ask you to put it back to the original firmware. That sounds as fair as possible to me! Does this improve your view of Motorola?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Motorola Needs To GTFO of The Android Ecosystem

Posted by Jon Westfall in "Android Talk" @ 07:00 AM

That's right, I said it, Motorola needs to get the frack out of the Android Ecosystem. Adding another piece of fuel to the fire, Xavier Lanier over at Gotta Be Mobile discusses at length why he's returning his Xoom. I'd love to see us take it a step further, and return Motorola to their Razr glory days. Here's 3 reasons why. Read more...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Motorola Xoom Fails to Impress

Posted by Hooch Tan in "Laptop Thoughts News" @ 04:00 PM

"The number one reason I’m returning the device is because I’m simply not using it as much as I had expected to. The user experience still some rough edges and I just don’t have the patience to wait for the Honeycomb ecosystem to evolve. When I plunk down $800, I want something now…not ‘soon.’"

The Apple iPad is the tablet to beat, and while Motorola has come out swinging, it looks like it might be a swing and a miss. It looks like Steve Jobs may be right to an extent, that we are living in a post-PC world. I do not mean that the traditional computer has gone the way of a dinosaur, but specifications are becoming less important. With ample computing power, even for mobile devices, does it really matter if the CPU is 1Ghz, 1.2Ghz or 2Ghz? If that tablet provides a buttery smooth interface, does it matter if it is dual or quad-core?

Hardware will always matter, of course, but most manufacturers have access to the same sources so that they all have similar guts. The best way to differentiate yourself in that kind of environment is through service, support and polish. The Xoom, as impressive as it is, appears to lack that polish. There are some arguments that theiPad also lacks some polish as well, so it seems to come down to what frustrations you are willing to live with.

Tablets as the are now, with their touchy, feely interface, are still relatively new. That and the increasing use of the cloud means that we probably are still another year or two away from having a truly smooth customer experience where we can pick up a tablet, log in, and have everything at our fingertips. Until then, we will have to deal with a few rough edges.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loving That New Xoom? Get Ready to Ship it Away.

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 05:00 PM

"As expected, the upgrade will be free to everyone and will be available approximately 90 days after launch, so we’re looking at May before this thing will be cooking up those 4G speeds. And as we were told by Motorola at CES, you will have to send in your device and will be without it for 6 days while they upgrade the hardware and software."

This is different and would be very annoying if you didn't realize it at the time of purchase I think. The Motorola Xoom will need to be sent away for a week to receive the 4G LTE upgrade. At least it will not cost you any shipping fees but it's still an inconvenience and possibly a big one. You can get details about the upgrade process here.

I think the Xoom seems like an excellent tablet. You do need to wonder if they released it a little early. This is the third significant feature I'm aware of that will not be enabled if you buy it now. Those features are Flash (though I think this is due to Adobe more than Motorola), the MicroSDHC (or will it be XC?) card slot, and 4G LTE. Do you think Motorola should have waited to release the Xoom? What are your thoughts on the ship to upgrade process? If you have a Xoom are you happy with it?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

AT&T's Atrix 4G Hits Store; Nation Weeps for Joy

Posted by Kevin Jackson in "Android News" @ 07:30 AM,+and+Updates)

"If you’ve been waiting patiently for AT&T’s dual-core monster, the wait is finally over. Head on over to your nearest AT&T store or online to get your hands on this 4-inch, Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, qHD touchscreen, 5 MP camera, VGA front-facing camera and lets not forget about the docking station and laptop dock available as well."

I have to say that I've been intrigued by these new dual-core phones which will be hitting the stores this year. In some ways it seems like a bit of overkill; my year old Nexus One with its single-core processor seems plenty snappy to me. One of the nice things is the wide range of accessories already available for this phone at launch.

The price of the phone ranges from $199 directly from AT&T, all the way down to a rumored $119.99 with an assortment of accessories at Costco, all with the obligatory 2 year contract.

So, how about it; are you ready to pull the trigger on this device or are you waiting to see what else is coming around this year? Will the hoopla over AT&T's 4G performance hurt initial sales? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Motorola is Seriously Screwing Up The Xoom

Posted by Jon Westfall in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 04:00 AM!5766073/motoro...flash-at-launch

"Some disappointing news for those awaiting the arrival of Motorola's tablet: its new page on Verizon's site suggests it won't have Flash at launch. A bit of tiny text on the product page says "Adobe Flash expected Spring 2011," presumably meaning that Moto's waiting for Adobe to roll out the mobile-optimized Flash 10.2 before supporting it."

OK, so let me get this straight. The Xoom is going to cost a bunch of money ($800, it isn't worth it), it's WiFi is going to be locked down until you pony up the activation money, and now we learn that one of the geekly talking points of Android, Flash, it doesn't have. Motorola, take a hint, you really don't do upscale consumer devices well anymore. Stick to feature phones.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Don't Bet On Upgrades When You Buy Your Phone

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 02:30 PM

"Motorola's dangled an Android 2.1 upgrade in front of CLIQ XT users for what seems like forever -- now it's putting away the bait indefinitely. In a statement released this morning, the company said that despite months of rigorous testing, the phone will remain on Android 1.5."

I love my Droid X. I think Motorola did an excellent job on it and it's been an amazing device for me. But I've got to say, this is really low of Motorola to tell people the upgrade is coming, undoubtedly sell devices based on the expectation of the upgrade, and then cancel the upgrade plans. I would definitely buy another Motorola device because of my experience with my Droid X but this is the kind of thing that can really turn people off the a specific manufacturer. This is a good reminder to make sure you're happy with what you're getting and not to buy based on promises of future updates. Have you been burned by not getting an upgrade you were expecting? Are you happy with the device as is or would you not have bought it if you knew that upgrade was not going to be released?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Xoom at Best Buy on February 17

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 08:00 AM

" internal Best Buy document that's just dropped into our inbox, which explicitly pinpoints February 17th as the launch date for Moto's highly touted, Honeycomb-equipped tablet. Stock is expected to land at the big box retailer on February 16th, with the big party going down the day after."

It looks like the wait is soon over for a Honeycomb Tablet! Apparently it will have 32GB of built in storage and the price will be $700. Is the the tablet you're waiting for? What do you think of the price?

Friday, January 14, 2011

25 Minutes on the Motorola Atrix

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Android News" @ 11:24 PM

What's that? You're deeply curious about the Motorola Atrix announces at CES 2011? Then check out this 25 minute video all about the product. There's a lot of really interesting stuff about this product - we've seen the whole "take a small computer and put it in a dock and use it like a big computer" concept before, but this seems to be one of the more real-world applications. The only unfortunate thing about this video is the somewhat irritating nature of the questions the camera operating is asking - I feel sorry for the Motorola employees that had to put up with this guy. Still, it's worth watching.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Atrix 4G Does Its Dance For You On Video

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android News" @ 02:00 PM

"Motorola just dropped possibly the most impressive press conference of CES yet right on us, but they did one better by opening up their line of new Android handsets for some hands-on time with the writhing masses. Of course we snapped up some video for your viewing pleasure - which will follow below - but what about the Atrix 4G?"

Wow... I mean really... WOW. This is somewhere slightly beyond pretty freakin sweet. When I first heard about the Atrix 4G's desktop dock and webtop dock I thought that was pretty cool. Then I heard that once you dock it you will get access to the full desktop version of Firefox running the full version of Flash. Woah... I wondered exactly how that worked. Well now I know. Docking the Atrix seems to launch some sort of Linux environment where you can run the full version of Firefox. Extremely awesome!

Now, why this is some custom Linux environment running Firefox versus Chrome or better yet just Chrome OS we may never know. I also wonder if Firefox is upgradeable or are you stuck with what every security holes exist in the version your phone ships with? What ever the case this may be the most exciting thing to happen to Android in a long time. I absolutely hate carrier phones but I will be keeping my eye on this one.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Motorola CLIQ 2 Puts On Its Business Suit

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android News" @ 09:00 PM

"Motorola has officially announced the CLIQ 2 at CES, and it will officially launch on January 19th 2011 with T-Mobile."

This looks like a nice update to the original CLIQ. While not the highest end device announced at CES the CLIQ 2 should be a fairly nice, well rounded device. With a good mix of consumer and business features and fairly decent specs this device will fit the bill for quite a few users out there. Especially with the $99.00 price point. Any CLIQers out there looking for round 2?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Motorola Tablet Teaser

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 08:00 AM

What do you think? I like it and am looking forward to seeing Motorola's tablet. Are you waiting for a next-generation Android Tablet? What's one feature you would love to see in a new tablet with Honeycomb?

Friday, November 26, 2010 Offers Android Phones For As Low As $0.01

Posted by Karey Westfall in "Android News" @ 01:30 AM

"Amazon has some amazing deals for those of you looking to pick up a new Android handset this holiday weekend." has a whole slew of Android phones on sale right now. Some of the phones being offered for only $0.01 are the Samsung Captivate, LG Optimus T, and the Motorola FLIPSIDE. Keep in mind though, that to get the sale price on the phones you have to sign up for a two year agreement. But it may be worth it to get a great deal on some spectacular phones!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Defy The Odds: Motorola DEFY Available From T-Mobile November 3rd

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android News" @ 09:00 AM

Are you a bit of a klutz? Ever dropped your phone in the toilet? Well then, maybe the Motorola DEFY is just the phone for you. The dust proof, water resistant, and maybe a bit more drop proof phone will be available to less than graceful mobile phone users across the US on November 3rd. So put on your helmet and knee pads and get ready to head down to your local T-Mo shoppe to pick one up... then probably drop it a time or two. Anyone out there in need of a phone like this or have a family member that would benefit from a more durable phone? I know I have a few people in mind. ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Android Invasion: Motorola Unleashes Five New Killer Robots

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android News" @ 05:00 PM

"Is this the most number of Android devices announced on a single day? It's a busy day when we get five official device announcements, let alone five Android device announcements - from the same manufacturer, no less. But that's just what happened yesterday."

Holy robot wars, Batman!! Motorola sure is building quite the Android army. This past week they bolstered their forces with not one, but five new troops. AT&T has recruited three of the Motorola's finest and Verizon followed up by hiring the other two as mercenaries. This is what I like to see, more choices for more customers. Check out the article for all the specs on each soldier. Anyone out there planning on picking up one of these devices to reinforce your mobile army?

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