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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kindle Fire Stops Blocking Android Market Site

Posted by Jon Westfall in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 12:00 PM

"Earlier this week, I grilled Amazon for attempting to control web browsing activities on its Kindle Fire. Any attempts to browse Google's Android Market website were redirected to Amazon's own AppStore on the tablet."

One could make the argument that Amazon was just 'helping' users who were going to Google's market website versus their own. Or one could say they didn't want to admit that another, larger, market existed. Whatever your thoughts on Amazon's interesting redirections, they're gone now. The Fire is a pretty nice device, but remember folks, it's Amazon's walled garden, and you just get to play in it!

Tags: fire, kindle

Monday, December 12, 2011

Unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich Build for the Kindle Fire

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 11:00 AM

"Sure, installing CyanogenMod 7 on an Amazon Kindle Fire is cool and all. But xda-developers forum member x1011999 decided to skip Android 2.3 Gingerbread and port Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to run on Amazon’s $199 tablet."

The Kindle Fire has some decent hardware in it. While it only has 512MB of RAM, a little light especially for a tablet, it does have a dual-core 1GHz OMAP CPU and a decent SGX540 GPU. The Ice Cream Sandwich build for the Fire is still in the early stages. Basic features like audio and WiFi are not working. But if you like to play with bleeding edge ROMs on new hardware you should definitely look into this a little more. Check out the source article for a video of ICS in action on the Kindle Fire.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sideload Apps On The Kindle Fire

Posted by Jon Westfall in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 10:00 AM

"The Amazon Appstore is still lacking in a few Android Market favorites, but with a little tweaking of your Kindle Fire, you can start loading apps you've already downloaded right now."

Kindle Fire users might have a slightly underpowered and very un-android-looking device, but at least now they can sideload apps onto it with relative ease.

Tags: kindle

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Install Android Market on Your Kindle Fire

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 02:30 PM

"Homebrewers, of course, will first have to root the device before tweaking with the Fire's Gingerbread-based build, but fortunately for them, there's already a guide for that. Once that's taken care of, you can also load the Android Market and a slate of other Google apps, using a handy how-to guide published on xda Forums."

Amazon released the source code for the Kindle Fire. That means we'll probably start to see all kinds of custom ROM's or other modifications coming out for it soon. One of the first things they did was figure out how to install the Android Market! They made a nice how-to in case you want to give it a try. The first step is rooting it but if that doesn't scare you go for it!

How do you like your Kindle Fire? Have you rooted it?

It Didn't Take Long. Root Your Kindle Fire Now!

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 11:00 AM

"The solution comes courtesy of a user lovingly known as "death2all11o," who posted the "1-click' recipe to Android Forums earlier today."

If you bought the Kindle Fire hoping to get full access to the OS to "make the device yours" you don't need to wait anymore! Now there is a documented method for rooting this nifty $200 e-reader.

Updated: I just saw that if you root the Kindle Fire you will not be able to use Amazon streaming video.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kindle Fire Launches This Week With Android Goodies

Posted by Jon Westfall in "Android Software" @ 05:00 PM

"The Amazon Kindle Fire launches next week with thousands of apps available through the just re-launched Amazon Appstore for Android. Amazon just sent us a note that Hulu Plus and ESPN Scorecenter will be among the big names of apps joining the lineup of Fire options."

Now the question simply is - how long will it take for certain nice things (like the Hulu Plus app) to make it from Amazon's Kindle Fire to the rest of the Android world (Amazon streaming video would be nice too!). Anyone got a Fire pre-ordered?

Tags: fire, kindle

Monday, June 27, 2011

Amazon Android Tablet Release Possible as Early as August

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 09:30 AM

"Amazon is poised to step into tablet PCs and will launch models as soon as August-September, with targeted global sales of four million units for 2011, according to Taiwan-based component makers."

Could this be the for Android Tablets what the Motorola Droid was for Android Phones? Amazon/Verizon Droid/Kindle - all some names with muscle behind them! We'll have to see. Now that Honeycomb has been cleaned up a little with Version 3.1 and more and more tablet optimized Android apps are released every day this fall could be a good time for a well respected company to release some good Android tablet hardware! The info from the source basically says Amazon wants to hit the Christmas season and it will use a TI CPU/GPU instead of the more common Tegra 2. I think that could be a good thing with rumors suggesting the TI processor has better GPU performance. It also mentions that Amazon will provide movie streaming services for it. Are you holding out to buy a tablet until you see what Amazon releases? What do you think about Amazon getting into the full-featured tablet business?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kindle: Coming Soon To A Tablet Near You

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android Software" @ 06:00 PM

"New tablet computers coming in 2011 will have access to Amazon's free "Buy Once, Read Everywhere" apps that let readers choose from over 775,000 Kindle books and read them across the most popular devices and platforms"

According to Amazon, 2011 will be the season of the tablet or at least it seems that way. Amazon recently announced that they will release tablet specific versions of their Kindle software for Android and Windows powered tablets. Not that the current app doesn't work fine on most Android tablets but the phone interface can feel a bit big on some of the larger screens out there. It will be nice to see official higher resolution support with all of these tasty Android tablets we expect to see come our way this year!

Tags: amazon, tablet, kindle

Friday, December 31, 2010

What The Geeky Got for Gifts

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Digital Home News" @ 05:30 PM

"If you got an iPad as a gift during the holidays, you certainly weren't alone. In a recent poll of holiday gift recipients, iPads accounted for a full 22.7% of all gadget or hardware gifts, making iPads the single largest category in our gift poll, outstripping the nearest runner-up by nearly 14% of votes. That runner-up was Amazon's Kindle - not surprising considering that the Kindle is the best-selling product in Amazon's history."

It's a relatively small sampling size - less than 2400 votes, and only from people who read Mashable - but among the geek-set, there are a couple of stand-out points: the iPad was the #1 gift, more people got Macs (60%) than Windows machines (40%), Android phones let the way in the smartphone category with a hefty 50.3% figure (iPhones were 30%), but Windows Phone 7 devices at 10.3% just eeked out Blackberry devices (9.4%). Not bad for a brand new platform that most people still haven't heard about! Lastly, the Xbox/Kinect one-two punch clobbered the PS3 with a 54.3% figure versus only 11.9% for the PS3. The Kinect really is driving the Xbox 360 to new heights of popularity!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kindle for Android 2.0 now in the Market

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android Software" @ 07:00 AM for android

Amazon has released Kindle for Android version 2. There are a bunch of new features but these are some of my favorites: Access to newspapers and magazines, the store is improved, chapter title shows in status bar, and Froyo's move to SD is enabled now. You can also use new social networks integration integration to let friends know what you're reading.

I'd be interested to know exactly what the social network integration shows. Does it tell the book(s) you're reading, which page you're on, or what? Let me know if you figure it out. I was messing with it a little and didn't see anything.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Price Rumors Fly As Busy Shopping Days Approach

Posted by Karey Westfall in "Android Talk" @ 04:00 AM

On a non-Android related note, we have been hearing rumors that the Kindle with Wi-Fi may be offered for $99 US on Cyber Monday to compete with the Barnes and Noble Nook with Wi-Fi, which will be on sale through November 27th for $99 US at Regularly, the Nook is sold for $149 US and the Kindle for $139 US. It would be crazy for to not offer the same deal on the Kindle, but we will have to wait and see!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kindle Releases Update

Posted by Karey Westfall in "Android Software" @ 04:00 PM

Kindle for Android released an update which includes the ability to search for a word or phrase, screen lock and more! Don't forget to update your applications or you may miss out on these and many more great new features!

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