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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Update Your Facebook Status With The HTC... Status

Posted by Jason Lee in "HTC Android Phones" @ 09:00 PM

"HTC Status brings a Facebook experience to people who want to share their experiences with their friends faster and easier than ever before," said Jason Mackenzie, President, HTC Americas. "With a dedicated Facebook share button combined with the hallmark HTC Sense experience, HTC Status makes it easy for people to stay connected to the things that are important to them."

Looks like HTC has a Facebook page setup and ready to go for their new Facebook phone which isn't so setup or ready to go. The cleverly named HTC Status will be the first phone on the market with a button dedicated to sharing things on Facebook. I know, it's built into the share menu on any Android app that uses the standard share method... but this is a button!! As popular as the Facebook is I imagine that this phone will sell fairly well if priced low enough. Oh, and here's a pro tip for you kids. Get a degree in marketing. People get payed to think up these product names.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8 Tech Companies Officially Come Out In Support of ProposedAT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Posted by Kevin Jackson in "Android Talk" @ 11:30 AM

"Microsoft joined with Facebook and 6 other technology companies in a filing to the FCC last night in a statement of support for the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. The deals supporters include Yahoo, Oracle, Research in Motion and VC firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Partners. Their argument is pretty much summed up by saying that the proposed deal is the best way for AT&T to expand their network capacity in order to serve a larger portion of America with high-speed wireless services."

Well, ain't this a kick in the head. Facebook, Microsoft, and others are now officially supporting the AT&T and T-Mobile merger. The first question that runs through my mind when I see news like this is "what is their motive." In other words, how is this proposed merger going to affect their bottom lines.

I, for one, am not in favor of this merger at all. I have been an AT&T customer and I am currently a T-Mobile customer and the quality of their respective customer service is worlds apart. T-Mobile consistently takes care of any issues that I have -- which are few and far between -- while the numerous issues I had with AT&T were rarely handled satisfactorily. That may have changed in the intervening years since I left them, but the bad taste is still there. If this merger goes through you can bet that I, for one, will be moving over to Sprint.

What do you think of the merger? How about the companies coming out in support of it? What do they stand to gain? Let us know in the forum.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Call Your Facebook Friends for Free With JAJAH

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android Software" @ 07:00 AM!5791720/jajah-...riends-for-free

"It's a pretty smart idea since phone numbers can be a hassle to remember. Through the JaJah app you can see a list of all your friends who are logged into Facebook Chat. Tap the person you want to talk to and they'll get a IM with a link to a voice call."

This is a cool idea! The new JAJAH mobile app lets you call your Facebook friends for free without using their regular phone number or costing anything. The coolest thing about JAJAH is the person you call doesn't need a JAJAH account. You can use it to call a friend across the street or across the world. If they are on Facebook and available for chat JAJAH can send them a link to click that will connect them to your voice call. Is this a voice service you will try? Let us know how it works for you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spy On Your Friends' Music Tastes With AOL's Play App

Posted by Karey Westfall in "Android Software" @ 02:00 PM

"AOL's mobile efforts so far have been to make mobile apps and websites for its existing properties, like AIM, Mapquest, Engadget, etc. No longer: The company is launching its first "mobile-first" product today."

AOL has produced it's own app that allows you to listen to music on your Android phone. The new app, Play, will also let you share music with friends via posts to Facebook and Twitter and check out what friends are listening to. And Android users get this app before our iPhone friends!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Facebook Phone Coming Soon?

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Windows Phone Competition" @ 03:00 PM

"HTC will unveil two new Facebook branded mobile phones next month, City A.M. has learned. The Taiwanese manufacturer will launch an official tie-up with Mark Zuckerberg's $50bn (£31.6bn) social network at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. The high-end smartphones will be the first to bear the Facebook branding and colours."

Rumoured to be running a version of Android, my first thought was "Well, if this thing is going to be the official Facebook phone, then what does that mean for Windows Phone 7, which has the deepest integration of Facebook to date?". If this phone is pitched as a phone that isn't overly geeky, and more importantly has a cheaper data plan than a full-blown uber-Android phone, I believe there's a large number of people who are currently in the feature phone segment that would trade up to this phone. One things for sure: if there really is an official Facebook Phone, the other phone makers are going to have to work harder on their depth of their feature integration.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Facebook For Android Updated: Now With Chat And Push Notifications!

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android Software" @ 10:00 AM

"Facebook for Android has finally added Facebook chat to the official app. Now would be a good time for you to look out the window to double-check if the skies have fallen or playing host to a traffic jam of flying pigs."

Well, here's something no one expected. Facebook finally added chat support to the native Android client. I am not one to use Facebook chat but it is a nice option to have. As a note, I had trouble with it hanging a bit until it managed to enable Facebook chat on the desktop web site. And yes, if you have chat disabled on the desktop site opening it in the mobile app will sign you on the next time you launch the full web. Though you can choose to go offline from your phone. The only real problem I've found so far with it is that while it displays a notification in the bar it does not actually make any noise. So unless you are looking at your phone you don't see the chat message and if you don't notice it until your friend is offline you can't even see what they said. But hey, it's a good start. :) Any of you Facebook chat junkies jumping for joy right now?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Help Me Win $1250 for Kids Who Need It This Christmas

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Thoughts Media Off Topic" @ 03:00 PM

Hi everyone! I need your help to win an unboxing contest that Best Buy is running on Facebook, and it’s for a good cause. Since I do a lot of those, I thought hey, why not enter? There are two grand prizes of $2500 CAD each, awarded as Best Buy gift cards. Since we’re coming up on Christmas, sharing the grand prize if I win makes sense – so I’ve publicly committed to donating half of the prize ($1250) to kids involved with Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Canada. My mother works for that organization, and I’ve seen first hand the needs that some of these families have. She works with the in-school mentoring program, which pairs younger kids with senior citizen mentors. Apparently the kids are Nintendo Wii-crazy, and it’s an activity the seniors and kids can do together, so I think what I’ll do is buy as many Nintendo Wii bundles as I can with $1250 (it should be at least five of them).

I'd really appreciate the support of the Thoughts Media community, because - and I'll be blunt here - Twitter is such a noisy medium that every though yesterday the message about this contest went out to over 5000 people from three different people, nearly zero votes came as a result of it. I'm currently #3 in votes, but I could easily take a dominating lead if even 20% of you reading this decided to act. Please help!

Here’s how you can help me, and the kids, win – oh, and enter to win a $150 gift card yourself!

  1. Log into Facebook, and visit the Best Buy Unboxing Day Contest Site. Click Allow when the app asks for your permission. I’ve noticed there’s a weird bug with Internet Explorer 8 where it loops the process for almost a minute, so you may want to use Firefox or Chrome if you run into trouble.
  2. Find my Samsung Focus video (see above) and click on it, then click on Vote in the window that pops up. You’ll need to fill out a little form; if you live outside Canada and don't qualify for the gift card, just put in whatever bogus information you want.
  3. Return to that contest site every day to vote – you can vote once every day up until December 31st.

The winners will be announced January 3rd, 2011, and if I win, I’ll announce it here and provide details and photos of the Wii’s I purchase.

(And for the Windows Phone Thoughts readers, I'll be doing a "real" unboxing of the Focus - that was just a simplified, quick version. I've got some serious concerns about the screen...).

Friday, November 12, 2010

So I Guess Social Media Isn't a Fad?

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Thoughts Media Status Updates" @ 05:00 PM

A quick note for all readers of all sites: since this whole "Social Media" thing isn't going away any time soon, we've decided to modernize our sites a bit by adding both a Twitter "Re-Tweet" button and a Facebook "Like" button to the bottom of every post. If you find one of our stories useful, interesting, and worth sharing with others, please use the buttons. Thanks so much, and let us know if you see any problems. Right now we're using the basic Facebook integration rather than the deeper one that requires more coding work, but it should do the trick for now. And if you're using Twitter, you'll find our Twitter feeds in the upper right-hand corner of each site.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Facebook for Android Update Is Coming

Posted by Jon Westfall in "Android Software" @ 12:00 PM

"PALO ALTO, Calif.--Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today may have disappointed some people who were hoping to see Facebook release a phone. "There are rumors out there that Facebook is building a phone," Zuckerberg said this morning at the company's mobile event at its headquarters. "No."However, Android and iPhone users will have something to look forward to. In addition to announcing platform changes, Zuckerberg shared some updates to Facebook for iPhone and Android. The iPhone app will be receiving Facebook Groups, which recently made its debut on the social network. Facebook Places, its listing service, is also getting updated, and will include geotagging. In addition, after you check in to a location with Places, you'll be able to add a photo."

Groups and Places will soon be coming to the Android version of Facebook's mobile application. Honestly Facebook for Android needs to step it up a bit - it's way behind iOS (And even Windows Phone 7) in looks and (some) functionality. Hopefully this update will be dropping quickly and we can start "placing" ourselves on the go!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Facebook Now Available on HootSuite

Posted by Karey Westfall in "Android Software" @ 05:00 AM

"There's no fun in being a Twitter client anymore. The trend now is to be a "social" or "lifestream" app that can draw from many sources and integrate the social media experience into one source. HootSuite does that on the desktop, and now the pro-friendly app does it on Android, too. After switching from a paid application to a free app, HootSuite has added Facebook to its repertoire and graduated from being just another Android Twitter app."

Not only does HootSuite offer Twitter availability, but it also now includes Facebook. Now you can get both your Facebook and Twitter fix with HootSuite!

Friday, October 15, 2010

TweetDeck Now Out Of Beta: All Your Social Networks Are Belong To Us

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android Software" @ 08:00 PM

"Two months and eleven updates after hitting Android in beta form, TweetDeck has arrived in the Android Market. Thanks to more than 36,000 beta testers, the developers were able to deliver an incredible looking and feature rich client available to all!"

TweetDeck, the wondrous all-in-one social networking app, has emerged from beta status. After one heck of a crazy beta test ride, the final version of TweetDeck is now available for download from the Android Market. Anyone out there who just happens to use Twitter, Buzz, Facebook or Foursquare should give this program a look. With integration to all of these services and a nice clean looking UI how can you go wrong? Any TweetDeck users out there excited for this release?

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